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Born in Besancon in 1976, I lived all my childhood in Pontarlier on the Swiss border. I obtained my Bac C, both a scientific and general diploma, in 1994.

Entry into the Dijon faculty of philosophy was my answer to a wish to choose nothing in particular. Impressed since childhood by the "world of art", I associated the options "history of art" and "museography" to look further into this field. Moreover, this course enabled me to relaunch myself (by atavism, no doubt!) into artistic manual activities, thus leading to my first series of objects, my first sculptures, mixing materials and painting.

I obtained my Masters ("Art and Communication") in 2002. How to continue? To balance the abstract of my studies, real material called me to it, like it needed verification. I thus chose, as seen from the outside, the most unpleasant and hardest material which came to my mind: stone. I obtained my Stone Mason CAPE in 2003 with the Dijon 'Marcs d'or' Professional College.

Since then, being registered like a continuity, all is just passion for this world enchanted by the Art of Making, where all is conceived through experimentation and infinite exploration, always enriched by matter and forms.
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