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A page of possibilities, ideas and discussionin order to work out a project together, and to be best able to answer your expectations, I propose:

.The creation of shapes and objects by request, remembering that my imagination works primarily for the moment (but not exclusively!) on everything inside the house (bathroom basins, dressing table boxes, bonsai flower stands, etc...).
.Replicas, even if I prefer to make something unique.
.For rings, there is the possibility of carrying out half-sizes.

Prices, complementary information and availability by simple request.

.Advice: To familiarize yourself with the various colors and textures of the stones, please consult the corresponding links on this site's Links page.


With stone being a natural material, nuances in the colours of certain characteristics can appear (stains, small "spots") despite all the attention that I pay to my work.
Certain objects presented in this site were created starting from stones no longer available today, so it is unfortunately impossible to replicate them.
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